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With over 20 years of experience in the custom stainless steel field, my emphasis lies in restoration and refinishing. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to transform a client's countertop, kitchen sink, and cooktop (as close as possible) to the state of condition it was on the day it was newly installed. 

Since 2001 I've refinished countless stainless steel cooktops, countertops and sinks all throughout New England, as well as New York and New Jersey. I pride myself on the reputation I've built with my clients over the years through professionalism, friendliness, and above all, distinguished results.

While there are trades out there in this current climate who make you feel as though they're doing you a favor by returning your call (if they return it at all), I make it a point to get back to you ASAP on the same day. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your repair, and will have a quote for you in short order. Please view the Services page before reaching out. 

Please have a look at my work posted to my socials. New projects are posted regularly on my YouTubeInstagramFacebook and Twitter
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