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I provide a variety of services including:

Stainless steel scratch repair: Countertops, Sink Bowls, Vent Hoods, and Cooktops. 
Contact me at my email located below with your name, location of the job (town or zip code is fine), the item(s) you're looking to have restored, the nature of the damage, and a couple of photos of the entirety of the item. This helps me determine the size and space I'm working with. Please also indicate if parking is available at your home, or if metered parking or lot costs need to be included. Once I have this info, I will put a quote together and send it to you ASAP. 
Full payment is due DAY OF COMPLETION by check or cash. No credit cards or other electronic forms of payment, sorry. You will receive a breakdown of the price prior to service. No hidden or surprise fees. 

*An additional cost is added to any job 25 miles outside of Boston to cover fuel and travel time to job site. Again, you will receive your cost in advance. 

*If a job is cancelled by the client less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment, an upcharge of $50.00 will be added to the original cost upon rescheduling. 

Work is typically performed in 2 hours or less. Dust and noise (if any) is kept to a minimum, as not to disturb your home with unnecessary disruptions. I arrive on time, and protect the work area with drop cloths and any other essentials to ensure there's no damage done to your floors, cabinets or other items. I treat your home as if it were my own. I wear shoe coverings, and due to Covid concerns, and for the protection of my clients, a face covering can be worn at your request. 


Residential work only. No commercial jobs at this time, sorry. 

DO NOT repair scratched Refrigerator or Dishwasher doors. DENTS cannot be removed.
Most refrigerator and dishwasher doors are made of synthetic materials, and then clear-coated with a fingerprint resistant film which WILL be removed from the surface once any aesthetic repair work is performed. 

Decorative components such as light fixtures, door handles, etc.. are usually plated stainless steel, and cannot be repaired without drastically changing the finish of the item. For this reason, I normally will pass on repairing such items.

I kindly ask that you don't contact me to ask how to perform repairs on your own, if I know someone else who can perform this work (I don't), or why I don't repair scratched refrigerator doors. Business calls only, please and thank you. 
Badly scratched sink bowl (before.)
Final results, after restoration process.
Badly scratched vent hood (before.)
Final results after restoration process.
Badly scratched sink bowl (before.)
Final results after restoration process.
Before backsplash installation.
In progress: backsplash put in place.
Backsplash and cooktop in place.
Final product: raised stainless steel backsplash installed.
Prior to backsplash installation.
Raised stainless steel backsplash with pasta filler faucet hole, installed in place.
Click to enlarge. 
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